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Marketing In A Minute: Radio Reliability

This past year a number of radio stations around the country celebrated 100 years on the air. Radio isn’t just getting older, it’s getting better.

New technology means there’s always something bright and shiny to spend your money on or subscribe to — gotta have the new iPhone or subscribe to “something-or-other plus…” In some cases, you can’t even watch a football game for free anymore. Fortunately, broadcast radio always has been and always will be free. And unlike the other media, radio is there in an emergency, giving you updates on wildfires or other disasters in real-time. The people of Paradise learned a very costly lesson just a few years ago. Those who were depending on their cell phones found the circuits overwhelmed due to high usage and many were lost when they didn’t react quickly enough.

Radio may not be the bright and shiny new toy but we’re there for you when others aren’t.

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