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My Home Page

I often take for granted how well I know this website. Yes, there are direction to make us your home page here.  If sirens go by, I go to the Scanner 911 page, if I have a news tip I know where the contact info is (About Us), I enjoy the Real Estate Section and Classifieds to price what is available in the Mother Lode and yes, I use the yellow page directory to look up business phone numbers.

If there is an issue with the site I use the feedback form, it makes our development team aware and documents the issue to be dealt with as time allows. For general help the question mark to the right of the Google search is here.

Our traffic, which we track monthly, was up significantly in February. Yes, in this short month the weather has been unpredictable! Even more unpredictable is the news and the community comments on the news.

Here are my favorite February New Stories:

It has been an interesting month, and of course we have had our share of tragedy and

To find old news articles there is a full archive here.

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