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Experiencing Malware?

The internet world changes by the minute. In a recent development Google’s complex advertising network, used by thousands of websites for companies large and small all over the world, has been compromised on a large scale. Since September 19th sites displaying ads provided by Google’s ad network have occasionally been provided dangerous malware ads.

The malicious advertisements send users to websites containing code which looks for an unpatched version of Adobe Flash Player or Internet Explorer running on the victim’s system. If it finds one, it downloads Zemot malware, which downloads a wave of other malicious applications.

Users with out-of-date security software protection can be infected by this known malware. Important advice to remember according to’s Director of IT, Kris Person, “Be sure your antivirus software is part of a security software system that also removes malware. Most free antivirus programs do not prevent harmful programs (malware) from being installed.”

Once a computer is infected, it can be difficult to remove and correct the problem. Microsoft explains how it is vulnerable to the malware called Zemot. Microsoft also recommends everyone run an up-to-date real-time security product.

If you are experiencing malware problems, contact a computer repair technician and know that is doing everything possible to eliminate exposing our users. Our recommendation is to keep all programs, including antivirus and spyware programs up-to-date and run security checks often. It is also better to close your browser (do not click) an offer for an unsolicited update or free upgrade to a computer program.


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