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December Birthdays

For those of you of the Sagittarius or Capricorn persuasion I understand that your birthday can get over shadowed by this busy season. My kids have been to three birthday parties and their uncle’s birthday is on Christmas Eve. As one with a birthday close to July 4th you would think I have it made- except my grade school friends were away on summer vacations! Still perhaps the best choice is to celebrate a 1/2 birthday in the summer?

Still in the spirit of not envying greener grass, I love the look of the Mother Lode these days! Christmas lights of many varieties are lighting up homes that were nearly invisible in the hills before. I still like the colorful ones but the icicle lights are a close second. My neighbor even has a giant inflated snow globe! (I am a little envious, but I get to see it all the time and I didn’t have to pay for it!)

Do take pictures and video and share the holiday charm in’s MyNews section. I want to see the Mother Lode is all its decked out glory! If your cat climbs the Christmas tree, share the mishap with your friends here, and soon the traumatic event will gain you celebrity status and having everyone laughing again! 

There are many events each day of this season, and lovely nature hikes for those who appreciate life on a different level. In fact the Geminid meteor shower on Monday (December 13th) should be stunning. There certainly are many excellent places in the Mother Lode to see the humbling array of stars and other celestial bodies.

Be sure your favorite event including your church plays and celebrations of the true meaning of Christmas are listed by submitting it with the event form.

There is also a recipe submission form, those of us who definitely need a recipe, (having not developed solid traditions around food quite yet) we welcome the suggestions! Personally I wish I could live on Eggnog, Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate!

I think this is a wonderful time of year and thanks again for being a part of this wonderful caring community to live in.