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Community Involvement

Hello again and thank you for taking the time to check in with us and see what is going on with the Angels Camp Police Department. I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable and safe summer. I wanted to take the time this month to share some thoughts on community involvement and how it relates to the work we do here.

First and foremost I want to let everyone reading this know that it is our philosophy here at the Angels Camp Police Department that we are here to serve the needs of the residents of Angels Camp. Public safety is obviously our primary focus, and the emphasis here is on a proactive approach to preventing crime and preserving the safety of the residents and visitors here in Angels Camp. Quality of life is important to all of us, and the best way we can all enjoy that quality is to prevent crimes before they happen whenever possible. Having a visible police presence in our community is the best way to deter the criminal element from victimizing people that live in and visit our city.

That being said, we are all facing harsh economic times and the police department is not exempt from the effects of the current economic climate. This is where community involvement comes into play. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard from residents and visitors here that they didn’t call the police because they “did not want to bother us,” or they didn’t “think it would do any good.” I would ask everyone that lives and visits here to try and take the same proactive approach that we try to employ. Call us when you see something or someone unusual or suspicious. All of us here would much rather receive the telephone call and have the opportunity to investigate, and hopefully make the determination that it really is nothing, than to find out later that there was something that we might have prevented had we only known about it.

I want the people that we serve to know that we won’t be bothered, and that it will definitely do some good to be observant and vigilant in reporting what you see to us. We work for you, and we want everyone that lives or visits here to be safe and enjoy all the good things about being here. Thanks again for checking in.