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Civil Protest

Participating in politics is a right of every American. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights protects an individual’s right to speak freely about their views in public places and in their own homes, to meet as a group, and to lobby the government.

The First Amendment not only means that people can vote, participate in someone’s campaign, write editorials, and talk and write to their state legislatures or talk to members of Congress, it also allows civil protest and civil disobedience or taking “direct action”.

This week there were several protesters who participated in “Occupy Wall Street” My friends in Portland, Oregon had a good view of a very large crowd that marched through the city. News articles on myMotherLode reported groups in Minneapolis and San Diego.

In every protest or act of civil disobedience, the participants should have a mutual desire to express an opinion about a particular issue. Here is where the most recent gatherings of Tea Party and Wall Street have faltered, or perhaps excelled? I believe the people most likely to go out and protest are so opinionated that both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements have benefited from keeping their reason for gathering somewhat ambiguous and up to interpretation.

An individual or group might decide to protest in a way that doesn’t break any laws, like participating in a rally or march for which organizers have gotten city permits. Or they may decide to protest in a way that does break some laws and might result in getting arrested. Blocking traffic or entrances to buildings without permission, or holding a sit-in at a government office, are the kinds of protest that might result in arrests.

At we welcome citizen reporters of news and events. We manage the website to allow written expression on a wide variety of subjects that many people are very opinionated about. We are happy to do so as long as the opinions expressed are in a civil manner with respect to the equal rights of others to express their views. Do remember that your local radio station is in touch with influential government leaders and we are friends and represent diverse counties with many on both sides of the isle. The video section is available as well to speak your mind on current events.