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Citizens For Responsible Growth Sues Again

This CEQA action is unfortunate because it hurts landowners and residents of Columbia and Tuolumne County.

The lawsuit sends a very negative message to businesses looking to develop in the Columbia and Tuolumne County area which negatively impacts our available services, job growth, retention of our work force, housing availability and affordability and the cost of those future services.

It is unfortunate when a small anti economic development group can hold up a project that has met all County and State requirements. They should try and go through the process and then they might realize how arduous and expensive it is.

In that one of their stated goals is to have a “heritage corridor” on Parrots Ferry, by filing this action, they are proving to the land owners (that have to approve by 51%) they have NO desire to work with them on any viable development and the end result is that the heritage corridor idea has zero chance of approval.

CFRG is the same group that sued the Apartments that are very much needed in our County for medical service providers moving to town, young families, and the tree mortality removal crews in town to deal with the dead tree safety issues to our roads and infrastructure.

CFRG has noted that they wanted more public input however the EIR process does not have any more public input than the mitigated negative declaration process that was completed. An EIR just takes longer and costs a lot more which impacts the cost of goods and services that will be provided.