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Browser Versions

Thank you for your positive feedback about recent changes to As many are aware, different web browsers and many versions of those browsers can affect the way and other websites look. MyMotherLode was designed to be cross browser compatible and has a version for mobile devices as well.

The top browsers that view myMotherLode in order are: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Safari is the default web browser for Mac (Apple) systems (iPhones & iPads). According to our Google Analytics; on the weekends the number of people viewing myMotherLode from Safari views goes up slightly.

We have done news stories on the vulnerabilities of out-of-date browser versions like “Many Versions Of Internet Explorer Vulnerable” in which there was a serious security issue that allowed computers using the older versions to be exploited.

For over a year Firefox, Chrome, and Safari released versions with settings that let them automatically update. MyMotherLode continues to improve and update what we offer as well. Recently an update of our financial information, now in the lower right of each page, caused a problem with certain older IE browsers. The older Internet Explorer versions reported “A problem with this webpage caused Internet Explorer to close and reopen the Tab”  The cause was JavaScript, a type of code, sometimes conflicts with some older IE browsers.  Once a problem on an old browser is reported, a website can be forced to work for the older browsers too. We welcome you to report a problem with our feedback form or by calling us at 209-533-1450.

In the future, users of older versions and operating systems like Windows XP, might experience a rare problem displaying our site if they cannot upgrade. As with many computer issues, we recommend consulting with a computer expert or IT professional.

All updates to will continue to be tested on all of the newer browser versions available here: