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Beautification & Mobility Project

As the Mayor of Sonora, I want to inform you as a citizen and business leader of a great opportunity the City has to apply for a Community Based Transportation (CBTP) grant with the Tuolumne County Transportation Council (TCTC).

Background Information
Each year Caltrans offers to the Transportation Planning Agencies an opportunity to apply for various grants. The grant encourages community involvement, partnership and, by grant guidelines, must support livable community concepts promoting community identity and quality of life. Approximately $3 million will be available during 2011-12.

Lead Agency
City and Transportation Committee staff recommend the TCTC serve as lead agency. The lead agency would be responsible for drafting the application under the direction of city staff and the governing boards of each agency. The public would be an integral part of the planning process.

Scope of Project
The grant application would address parking, signage, gateway features, circulation, streetscapes, landscaping, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, drainage, transit stops, pedestrian access, and would improve economic development opportunities. THESE ARE THE ELEMENTS THE CITY OF SONORA NEEDS TO LOOK TO IN THE FUTURE

Amount of Grant Requested
The City of Sonora is proposing to request a grant from the federal government of $250,000. This funding, if approved, will require the TCTC 7.5% ($18.750) and the City to match with 2.5% which will be provided by use of City staff time.

Development of Application
Potential stakeholders to support and advise the development process would be: the Tuolumne Economic Development Authority, Historic Sonora Chamber, Tuolumne County Chamber, Visitor’s Bureau, Tuolumne County Historical Society, Sonora Beautiful Committee, Caltrans and citizens of Sonora.

Planning for Sonora’s Future is Important
Downtown Sonora is a hub of economic activity that draws thousands of visitors from out of the area plus residents for shopping, services and employment. We need to encourage more visitors and residents to shop, dine, and explore downtown Sonora. It is all our best interests!

Current Situation

At this time, some Council members do not think this grant is important to our wonderful City.
The very small in-kind donation of time by city staff which will support businesses and residents and bring revenue to our town is very important. This will let us compete with new businesses moving into the area and promote and increase the tourist base-where a large amount of revenue is gained.

The City Council meets February 7, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. at 94 North Washington Street. This grant is on the agenda. If you believe in our City, I implore you to express your support/concerns to the City either by attending the meeting which is of upmost importance. Additionally, you may send an email/letter supporting this community based grant to the following:

Please write, email or call the City Council:
Hank Russell, (209) 533-8860, email:
Dave Sheppard, (209) 532-2436, email:
Ron Stearn, (209), 532-4608, email:
Matt Hawkins, (209), 206-0976. Email:
Bill Canning, (209) 536-6240, email:

We all need to insure downtown Sonora remains the “Queen of the Southern Mines”. Make Sonora a town of destination and let it flourish. Encourage your friends, neighbors, business people, and associates to show support for Downtown Sonora.


Mayor William “Bill” Canning