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Back to Basics

The fluctuations on wall street, the price of oil and the disruptive influence that digital connectivity (the internet) has had on nearly every industry has led to gloomy discussions about the world economy. There is a lot of hope and a lot of uncertainty about what “solutions” will be adopted.

The price of gold in particular could be a safe topic to discuss (more so than politics in general or the national debt). But as I have found with local news story comments people have very passionate opinions!

That being said, this is the Mother Lode and there was once placer gold everywhere and yes there is still gold in these hills! But thievery is not the answer and where and how to find gold is regulated. The BLM has further information.

Each city in the community guide had a bit of rockhounding history (rockhounding includes everything not just gold panning) So I put it all together on the Rockhounding Recreation guide page.

I personally wouldn’t count on luck finding things and though I have a 401k I’m not touching it for a long time, I’ll leave it to the financial gurus. In troubled times history has shown at least for the working class monetary wealth can be destroyed. Some ounces of gold is not enough to make it through really bad times.

There is another way to a secure future: plan ahead. Plan on things getting worse and if they get better you will still be better off than if you only hope and worry.

Stock up your pantry. Slowly accumulate a lot more of whatever you like to eat and drink and use every day and rotate through it.

Store water (and other fluids) get a water purifier.

Learn to make things (soap, clothes, candles…)

My friends and I have recently gone camping and there is nothing more comforting than to know that the basic necessities of life are available in abundance here in the foothills. While camping is just a tiny test run I always enjoy the chance to leave the stress of the modern world behind.

I am sure to the many who managed with extended power outages and whom live on generator power this is obvious. But for people connected to the volatile, hostile, intimidating chaos around the world and here in the United States sometimes it helps to remember the basics. You can’t go wrong stocking up and becoming as self-reliant as possible.

In the end make sure you have some food and things worthy to share and guard. Gold is a mineral that can be traded for a lot of paper money but the worth and knowledge of how to grow and make your own food, things and provide for your family is priceless!