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Baby Birds Hop

April Showers bring May flowers and song birds fledglings are just learning how to fly. Rose Wolf Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation wants to get the word out to leave baby birds alone.

Song Bird Coordinator Volunteer Sharon South says the fledglings jump, and can appear hurt to the untrained eye, but they are just learning to fly. According to South the Rescue took in three baby birds this week and they all died from the shock of being handled. Birds can take one to three days to learn to fly, during this time the parents care for them on the ground. During this time in their life they are least likely to eat from humans and many don’t survive captivity. South says that cats and other predators are a threat to birds but before touching them observe them and consider calling to get advice about what to do.

Rose Wolf is the only permitted wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center in Tuolumne County. It is an all volunteer organization which handles around 300 birds and mammals a year.

More information from Yosemite regarding other animals was in a news story last year “Yosemite Wants You To Protect Its Newborns” here.