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Avoiding Summer Bugs

It’s no secret that bugs are a Summertime nuisance in the Mother Lode. From your basic pests to disease spreading mosquitos, there’s a wide range of insects that can be real party poopers.

Here are ten tips from our experts on how to control the bugs in your area.

Standing Water: Be sure that you empty any standing water. Standing water is a sure breeding ground for mosquitos, who love shallow water and warm weather. Remember to change the water in kiddy pools, bird baths, and fountains weekly.

Lawn Care: The better cared for your lawn, the better chance you’ll have a bug-free zone. Tall grasses and messy flower beds are a bug utopia. Keep things well-cared for and you’ll stop bug breeding before it starts.

Frontline: Keep dogs and cats treated with Frontline, especially if they come inside. This will cut down on fleas, ticks, and even mosquito-born disease. You can find prescription strength formulas at your local vet’s office or you can choose a milder formula at your local Supercenter.

Citronella Candles: Made from a tall grass with a lemon scent, these candles can help keep bugs at bay while you lounge on your deck or patio.

Essential Oil Spray: Go natural with essential oils. There are certain plant oils that bugs hate! Mix up a spray bottle with distilled water, spearmint and orange oil, and spray your legs, arms, and any mosquito-prone spots.

Off!: Some people prefer to use commercial bug sprays, such as the OFF! brand. There are many choices from formulas for deep woods (hiking) to sensitive skin. Choose the right formula for your family.

Screens: Install screens on all windows of your home. This will keep bugs out, especially at night when they are attracted to lights that are on inside. Screened in porches and portable gazebos are also a great Summertime option.

Hand-held Foggers: These foggers kill bugs quickly without residue and keep them at bay for hours.

Fly-tape: It’s not pretty, but it sure can do the job. Flies can be a real pest at picnics and even just around your home. Keep garbage and other stinky items sealed away and then start eradicating flies.

Bug Zappers. They’re not attractive, but since bugs are attracted to light it can be a great solution for killing bugs, as long as you don’t mind the sound.

Bugs serve a real purpose in the circle of Mother Nature’s life, but they don’t need to be hanging out in or around your home! Follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to a bug free zone.

Written by Carla Hill for Copyright © 2012 Realty Times All Rights Reserved. For more Real Estate articles visit our Real Estate Section here.