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4 Things To Know

1. The SBA released a Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness form on Friday, the document is here.

While the SBA Form 3508 provides clarity on some of the issues surrounding PPP loan forgiveness, there will be supplemental guidance that will be released to along with it in the future per the SBA.

Loan Forgiveness is not automatic and the SBA form states, “To apply for forgiveness of your Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, you (the Borrower) must complete this application as directed in these instructions, and submit it to your Lender (or the Lender that is servicing your loan). Borrowers may also complete this application electronically through their Lender.”

Before you fill out form, please check with your lender or bank who issued your loan on their process.

2. To view the May 13, 2020 Webinar discussing Guidance for Businesses during Late Stage Two click HERE and the Q/A Report is below.

3. The CDC released guidance for Youth Programs and Camps in a simple PDF Sheet, here.

Note, make sure you check with state and local health officials and other partners to determine the most appropriate actions while adjusting to meet the unique needs and circumstances of the local community.

If you have specific questions regarding your business email

4. More on the Stage 2 expansions can be found at County Variance page. Based on State guidance, Stage 2 will be phased in gradually. Some communities may move through Stage 2 faster if they are able to show greater progress, such as Tuolumne County who went into Late Stage 2 on May 11, 2020. Counties that have met the readiness criteria and worked with the California Department of Public Health can open more workplaces as outlined on the County Variance page.

Find more information on State Industry Guidance HERE and find information on County Guidance HERE

Question Report For Business Meeting held on 5/13/2020
Topic: Business Recovery Plan. (live answered responses are here)

Q1 How can we find out if we will receive the EIDL? I applied April 9th with a confirmation of 3? I have still not received anything.
A1 The Small Business Administration is getting through the applications. I have heard of businesses in our county receiving funds. If you have a confirmation with a 3 you are where you need to be, but you can email if you have any additional questions.

Q2 PPP conflicting payroll info for spending? Is it 4 or 8 weeks to come up with paying out for forgiveness?
A2 Please email me at and I will send you additional PPP information.

Q3 The dining issue is confusing. Sonora Brewery is serving meals indoors today with no additional space between tables. Yet everyone else seems to be to-go only. How are the lines drawn between one and the other?
A3 They are allowed to provide dining inside if they are following the guidelines outlined by the state and they have posted, and submitted the checklist to Public Health.

Q4 Will alcohol be permitted to be consumed outside?
A4 live answered

Q5 What about state park street that are county-owned?
A5 Let’s follow up post-webinar. Public Health and myself will need to request information from the State Park if they would allow outdoor dining.

Q6 What do restaurants need to do to open for dine-in?
A6 Click here to review the guidelines and checklist for Dine-in restaurants: Once the guidance has been reviewed, the checklist has been posted at the business and a copy has been submitted to Public Health at, they can open.

Q7 What about restaurants that also have a bar?
A7The restaurant can open, but not the bar. You can check the specific guidelines here on the Dine-in restaurants section:

Q8 Would thrift stores fall into retail?
A8 Yes, they do.

Q9 Can a hotel that has a restaurant open just the restaurant? We assume so but wanted to confirm. Thx
A9 Yes, that would be o.k., following the dining guidelines and checklist on the state website (above).

Q10 I know short term lodging, camps, campgrounds, etc. can not be open… Do you have any idea if we are looking at weeks or months? We continue to cancel people, but would love to at least have an opinion on what you think.
A10 We do not have a specific timeline, but Dr. Ortiz did just state that if things go smoothly as we proceed through Stage 2, we may be able to enter Stage 3 within several weeks.

Q11 Where would I find materials to train employees on covid19?
A11 Links for training are included within the guidance documents for the different business sectors on the state website.
Q12 Great, thank you. Just wanted to double-check.
A12 Thank you for joining and sharing input Nancy!

Q13 Art Galleries falling under retail?
A13 If the art gallery operates as a retail business, then yes.

Q14 How do businesses enforce physical distancing and other County health orders if law enforcement does not take action? Will business owners be held responsible if they try to enforce the health orders and the customer(s) ignore them? Nationwide, we have all seen reports of customers getting violent with staff members over minor COVID safety enforcement and we are concerned.
A14 live answered

Q15 so clothing stores can now open for people to come inside?
A15 Yes, following guidelines and the checklist for Retail found here: Businesses need to follow the guidance, fill out and post their checklist and a copy to

Q16 Can we assume that large crowd events or gatherings (100 – 2,000 people or more) will be prohibited through this summer due to COVID-19 physical distancing health concerns?
A16 At this time, large gatherings are not expected to be allowed until Stage 4, and we do expect that to be some time. However, we don’t have a specific timeline from the state. Much will depend on disease activity as we move into the early stages.

Q17 Under the California State COVID-19 roadmap, and given the current Tuolumne County data and public health metrics, is there a projection of when Tuolumne County will be allowed to move to Stage 3?
A17 live answered
Q18 Your welcome.
A18 Thank you for having this information.

Q19 The National Forest current closure order goes until this Friday, I’m sure they will put a new one out this week. There are lots of people up here, what things are you enforcing? Just so we know what to tell people they can and can’t do when we get questions
A19 Best site to follow for updates from the Forest Service:

Q20 So can the restaurant serve alcohol from the bar for dine-in guests?
A20 Michelle Jachetta: The restaurant can open, but not the bar. You can check the specific guidelines here on the Dine-in restaurants’ section:

Q21 Do we need to wait for a response from the health dept. after submitting and posting our reopening plan, or do we just assume it has been excepted?
A21 live answered

Q22 Do we have to screen guests at restaurants?
A22 Dr. Ortiz answered this question live. Details in the dining guidance here: Information on screening your staff is required according to our local Health Officer order here:

Q23 is this considered the 2.5 as Dr. Ortiz discussed last week?
A23 live answered It’s Late Stage 2, as discussed on last week’s call.

Q24 What date can restaurant start dine in?
A24 Restaurants are allowed to provide dining inside if they are following the guidelines outlined by the state and they have posted, and submitted the checklist to Public Health as of today, May 13, 2020.

Q25 Can you speak to details of the required checklists – some items appear to be suggestive rather than requirements. Others may not be appropriate or actionable for specific businesses. How do we determine which items are the checklist are requirements?
A25 live answered

Q26 How does this affect outdoor recreation like Pinecrest Lake & Kennedy Meadows? Still under Federal jurisdiction?
A26 live answered

Q27 If people catch Covid at my business will the County accept that Liability?
A27 At this time, if a business owner is uncomfortable with opening and concerned about liability, the owner has the right to not open.

Q28 Do you know when Recreational sports for kids and adults will fall in the various levels. I believe it is level 3 but which tier.
A28 live answered

Q29 how long roughly until stage 3? For camping, I’m the manager of a large corporation RV and tent. should we limited how many per site and how
close they should be?
A29 There isn’t a timeline currently for when we can enter Stage 3. Much will depend on disease activity as we enter into Stage 2. Details for camping will be available when those activities are allowed to reopen. We will definitely continue to communicate updates as the situation changes.

Q30 What disposable items will we need to have at restaurants?
A30 Details can be found in the guidance for restaurants here:

Q31 Don Pedro lake is open? plenty of boats
A31 live answered

Q32 Pinecrest is not open but people walk right by the signs. Is the sheriff enforcing it?
A32 live answered

Q33 Do restaurants have to reduce capacity by a certain percentage??
A33 Details are provided in the guidance for Dine-in restaurants here:

Q34 Environmental Degradation?
A34 You mean use? live answered

Q35 Pinecrest is expected to be closed through 5/31. The road is still barricaded and will continue to be so.
A36 The USFS is continuing the closure based on the County/State guidelines for essential and nonessential travel. Thank you

Q38 Dr. Ortiz you feel masks should be worn outside or only inside? no rules yet from state
A38 Masks aren’t mandated, but recommended when you can’t be assured that you can maintain 6 ft. physical distancing, whether indoors or out.

Q39 How can you know that the a/c system is not putting you at risk, depending upon the way it blows? A covid positive person could sit at the next table and it’s all about the way the a/c blows.
A39 If you belong to a more vulnerable group, we recommend you avoid public places as much as possible.

Q40 For restaurants, are face masks worn by employees required or recommended?
A40 live answered

Q41 It is encouraging to hear that the 4 gateway counties are discussing ways to cooperate with concessionaire for re-opening — can the county provide any estimate for timeline for visitor access to Yosemite?
A41 live answered

Q42 any updates on Yosemite Natl Park?
A42 live answered

Q43 Is there a gathering size limit in a private home?
A43 There aren’t restrictions on the gathering of members of a single household or living unit. Gatherings of different households, no matter the number are still not allowed.

Q44 So is the SIP order lifter for Tuolumne County Residences?
A44 The statewide order is still in place, just modified through Late Stage 2.

Q45 Will you be advocating for hair salons to open with the proper protective measures?
A45 live answered

Q46 Why is it ok to allow workers to continue to come into Tuolumne from out of county (union work on the courthouse) and yet not allow outdoor self-contained camping at spacing of 30-40 feet with limited family members with little interaction in the cities of Tuolumne county
A46 Essential workers have been able to continue working even in Stage 1. Camping is considered short-term lodging for leisure and this hasn’t yet been allowed by the state. The situation is rapidly evolving, so we expect more changes as we move forward.

Q47 Will you be advocating for massage therapists to open with the proper protective measures?
A47 We are advocating with the state for greater flexibility to allow us to proceed as safely as possible. Specific industries may or not be included in the next stages based on what is allowed by the state and what our local officials feel is safe based on the situation at that time.
Q48 Lodging is listed as stage 3.
A48 Thank you! will have more information as well
Q49 Hospitality services are spelled out on the ca roadmap summary page as stage 3. Does the county agree that this means lodging. Seems like it does. Would love clarity here. We expect that lodging and hospitality to be included in Stage 3.

Q50 Thank you all so much for working hard to help us move forward!
A50 live answered
Q51 Thank you for Yosemite information – this is critical – as you know specific timelines for opening are essential to our ability as business owners to manage guests, accept reservations, and reschedule previous cancellations – all of this is essential to our ability to stay in business. We understand the importance of the specific guidelines for planning purposes. We will definitely continue to share details and updates as we receive the information.

Q52 Has the city/county considered providing businesses with masks?
A52 At this time, the county does not have a stockpile of PPE, however, we will keep you updated as the situation changes

Q53 Has the city/county considered providing businesses with masks?
A53 We currently do not have any PPE stockpile, if this changes we will continue to update you via blogs, press releases and email newsletters.

Q54 They are already here
A55 What does that mean?
Q56 With respect, there are increased costs of adhering to these new guidelines while business revenue potential is reduced for the foreseeable future – is the County providing any monetary incentives to assist businesses in complying? Perhaps bulk purchase of PPE provided at no cost to businesses, perhaps other support to reduce the burden of these new requirements.
A56 We are currently looking into applying for grants that would allow for assisting businesses. We will continue to update you via email and blogs

Q57 Yep thank you all
A58 This is the first time that I agree with K. Rodefer…..thank you for saying it.