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3 Things to Know

1. Business Survey Today the County of Tuolumne Innovation and Business Assistance Department released a survey for businesses to share the impact of COVID-19 on their operations. The goal of the survey is to assess the Federal financial resources acceptance rate, unemployment impacts and business resiliency. The survey is offered anonymously and is 10 questions in length. Any time you can dedicate to answering the survey is greatly appreciated. Please fill out the survey HERE

2. SBA EIDL Update  This morning, April 30, 2020 I spoke to the Deputy Director of the Small Business Administration Fresno Region to confirm information graciously shared by Jeff Michels, a local business owner. Jeff wrote, “The SBA shared with me that they are trying to get through the EIDL loans, with no more than 30 days from the date of submission. And now they are processing loans from April 2nd. They also said they are doing the [up to] $10k advance if we qualify right off the bat. And then a second step would be a loan officer contacting us for a potentially larger loan amount.” Dawn Golik of the SBA then went on to explain that the SBA is, “3.5 weeks out on processing applications… The loan advance is up to $10K based on the information in the application,” regarding employees. I have received confirmation that businesses are getting their advances and loan documents. If you have a 3 as the first number in your confirmation, you are where you can be right now in the loan process. If you would like to try to confirm your application status email

3. Webinar Recording    The Operating a Business during COVID-19 Pandemic Weekly Webinar Recording from April 29, 2020 can be found HERE. In addition, if you would like a copy of the Q/A from April 22, 2020 please email Cole Przybyla at as the print out is in Excel Format.