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When Is The Best Time To Sell a House

Baltimore Real Estate: The best time to sell is now! Get the house in sell-able condition now and on the market with a REALTOR and sell it. It’s that easy. However, the best time to sell a house truly depends on your goals. If your goals are to be in another home in 2 months, time and price the home to sell based on the recent sales and days on the market. Most sales take 2 months or less, pending financing and conditions. If the home is priced right it could get a contract immediately. Wouldn’t that be great?

It’s Been On The Market Too Long, Now What?

There are basically 3 things that influence the sale of a home. Location, Condition and Price. Hopefully you’ve been getting regular feedback from your listing agent. Feedback can be quite informative from the buyer and the buyers agent. What is the feedback telling you? Is there a common subject the buyers and buyers agents are regularly bringing up? If so, address it right away. If not, but showings are regular, could be price. Not much you can do about location, other than price accordingly. Condition is controlled by the seller, so is price. If location is not an issue and condition is not an issue, then the last thing that can be addressed by the seller is price. Get a Market Report from your REALTOR for price reduction market information.

Should I Take My House Off The Market?

This depends. If the house needs a lot of work be it cosmetic or mechanical, the best scenario is to do this up front, prior to listing. But we’ve all seen that listing that was simply thrown on the market in a rush without any preliminary “curb appeal” work. Does your house fall in this category with months of being listed and few showings with no or non-positive feedback? It may be a good idea to take the house off the market and get it show ready. Remember, just because a sign is in the yard and the house is listed by a brokers, DOES NOT guarantee a sale. Make your home inviting for people to desire to see it in person. Price it right, capture the right audience and SELL!

Written by Helene Kelbaugh of Keller Williams Legacy Metropolitan in Baltimore for Copyright © 2014 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.