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Ask the HOA Expert: The Meeting Agenda

How does the board choreograph a meeting if not allowed to meet privately in advance? more

Ask the HOA Expert: Procedure For Voting In Person And Voting By Proxy

At our annual meeting, the procedure for voting in person and voting by proxy was different. more

Ask the HOA Expert: Mold Conditions

Our HOA has a resident owner that claims there is a mold condition which the HOA is responsible to remediate. more


Making Your Down Payment With Gift Money

Some homebuyers need help accumulating enough money for a down-payment. more

Self-employed? Tips to help you navigate the mortgage process

When you’re self-employed, you often work harder than anyone else you know. more

Exterior Home Improvements Yield Higher ROI For Less Money, Report Shows

Renovation season is approaching, what will give you the best return for your money? more

Home Improvement

Check off your backyard bucket list: seed, weed and feed

From Sunday picnics and impromptu barbecues to games of catch, make your lawn center stage this spring. more

7 Easy and Quick Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Here are seven hassle-free ways to keep your kitchen clean. more

3 Backyard Projects You Can Tackle In A Weekend

Now that warmer weather has finally arrived, you want to be outside to enjoy it. more


Tips For Moving Into Your New Home

Congratulations, you’ve bought your home and it’s move-in time. Wait! Before you move in… more

Historic Homes: What To Know Before You Buy

If you’ve fallen in love with an old Victorian house and want to bring her back to her glory days… more

8 Things You Should Do Before Moving Into A New House

Here’s a few more things you’re going to want to do before you get moved in and start living it up. more