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Real Estate


How To Handle HOA Board Meeting Attacks

Board meeting terrorism is designed to hold the board hostage to relentless rants and demands. more

3 Big Things Home Buyers Are Looking For In Their New Home

As a seller, you have a lot more control in pleasing buyers than you think. more

Ask the HOA Expert: How Susceptible Are HOAs To Embezzlement?

How susceptible are HOAs to embezzlement? What are common safeguards and how effective they are? more


Losing Your Earnest Money

The contract I just signed to purchaser a house says, “If the buyer defaults, the earnest money will be forfeited to the seller. more

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Tapping Your Rising Home Equity

Before you go making plans for your equity, take a pause. more

When Is A Listing Commission Earned?

A commission can be earned if a buyer was procured who made an offer that matched the price and terms specified in the listing agreement, or on other price and terms the seller might find acceptable. more

Home Improvement

Repair or replace? What to do with a worn-out cooling system

(BPT) – Sooner or later, every homeowner will face the same tough decision: Can you repair that malfunctioning system or appliance one more time, or is it finally time to replace it? Summer temperatures can heat up the repair-or-replace debate … more

A room-by-room guide to decluttering your home

(BPT) – Controlling clutter in your home can be a challenge; 48 percent of Americans say their houses are cluttered with stuff they don’t use anymore, according to a survey by ClearVoice Research. Multiple studies have found a cluttered home … more

Smart Home Improvement Tips To Save You Time, Money, And Aggravation

Fixing up your house can bring great joy, but proper preparation is key to getting things done right. more


Moving tips, services to make military families’ moves go smoothly

Moving is hectic for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for military families. more

Don’t sweat your summer move: 10 tips for smarter moving

Moving is hard work no matter what time of year you do it. more

Homeowners: Should You Stay or Should You Go?

When your home’s not so perfect, you get the wandering real estate eye, but will another house satisfy? more