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Real Estate


New California Law Eases The Way For Second Units

Effective January 1, this year many Californians will find it easier to obtain local permission to construct a second unit, mother-in-law quarter, granny flat, or whatever you choose to call it. This is a result of Assembly Bill 2299 (Bloom) … more

Home Buyers, Sellers & Borrowers: Do You Do Too Much Work?

Yes, searching out online listings is work – that should be done by trained real estate professionals. more

Buying A Time-Sharing Unit

Cautious, Realistic Approach Needed When Buying A Time-Sharing Unit more


Vacant Home Insurance: Keeping Your Unoccupied Home Safe

Although your homeowners’ insurance offers financial protection it includes coverage exclusions if your residence is unoccupied. more

How To Sell Your Home In 2017

The new year is typically a time for hope and renewal. more

When Your Home Loan Is Sold

We have had a mortgage with the same lender for several years, and have just received notification that our loan has been sold to some other lender. more

Home Improvement

Making The Most Of Your Small Backyard

Small backyards can sometimes seem limiting in terms of what you can add to them. Don’t be deterred though, as there is a plethora of ways to decorate it. Small backyards have many landscaping options to make them beautiful and … more

7 Interior Trends That Are “Out” For 2017

It’s important to pay attention to the features, finishes and items that will keep your house nicely updated. more

Replacement And Disclosure Of Plumbing Fixtures Required

If they haven’t done so already, California owners of single-family residences have slightly less than thirty days to replace any noncompliant plumbing fixtures on their property with water-conserving ones. This requirement is the result of a state Senate bill (SB … more


7 Reasons You Should Buy Your Next Home Right Now

This might be the best time to buy a home you’re going to see for a while. more

7 Important Steps To Help You Buy Your First Home In 2017

Buying your first home is bound to be an exciting time. more

Neighbor Annoyances In Your HOA

When people live in close proximity, as with homeowner association common wall living, lifestyle clashes are more likely. more