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The title reflects the 1955 future-focused section of Disneyland and the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Set in mordern times, a scientifically minded teen (Britt Robertson) discovers a technologically advanced trinket that provides her a glimpse of an astounding future. She enlists the help of a reclusive inventor (George Clooney) to make “Tomorrowland” a reality.

“For most of its running length, Tomorrowland is a sublime science fiction experience. The visuals are impressive, the mystery keeps us involved, and the characters are likeable.  …I was enjoying the ride… until the final fifteen minutes.” ReelViews -James Berardinelli

“A big-budget, futuristic, effects-heavy, star-driven, fantasy-oriented, audience-friendly, beautifully made, would-be summer tentpole… not part of a franchise.” Todd McCarthy

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