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Something To Think About Archive

  • Something To Think About - 5/26/17
    Henry Ford claimed that “There is no disgrace in honest failure; there is disgrace in fearing to fail.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/25/17
    Henry Ford claimed that “There is no disgrace in honest failure; there is disgrace in fearing to fail.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/24/17
    Educational reform leader Ted Sizer believed that “Things remain the same because it is impossible to change very much without changing most of everything.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/23/17
    Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse rightly notes that “Most of the really big challenges of this moment are not easily reducible to core Republican or Democratic platform positions.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/22/17
    We can understand protecting college students from hate speech, racial discrimination and out of control fraternity parties, but now Harvard will no longer charge students 50 cents per day for overdue books because, quote, “We have witnessed firsthand the stress that overdue fines can cause students.” Maybe they could just avoid all that stress by being responsible and returning the books on time…”
  • Something To Think About - 5/20/17
    Horace said: “It is sweet to let the mind unbend on occasion.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/19/17
    Dutch-American historian and journalist Hendrik Willem van Loon once observed that “Nothing is ever accomplished by a committee unless it consists of three members, one of whom happens to be sick and another absent.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/18/17
    English writer and literary critic William Hazlitt believed that “The more we do, the more we can do.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/17/17
    Juxtaposed to Stephen Covey’s belief that “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” is New York University’s Jonathan Haidt’s proposal that freshman orientations teach students “cognitive behavioral therapy so as to preserve their mental health in the face of differing opinions.” We thought college was about exposure to, not protection from, different ideas.
  • Something To Think About - 5/16/17
  • Something To Think About - 5/15/17
    It’s been said that “charm” is something that people have until they begin to rely upon it.
  • Something To Think About - 5/13/17
    “The greatest of all fault,” noted Scottish philosopher and essayist Thomas Carlyle, “is to be conscious of none.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/12/17
    British politician Anthony Eden once posed the question: “How can one at the same time declare capitalism dead, receive aid from the corpse, and then ask for more?”
  • Something To Think About - 5/11/17
    According to a Turkish Proverb: No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, turn back.
  • Something To Think About - 5/10/17
    Seneca said: “As long as you live, keep learning how to live.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/9/17
    16th Century theologian Richard Hooker believed that “Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/8/17
    Psychiatrist Carl Jung claimed that “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/6/17
    Goethe said: “Man errs as long as he strives.
  • Something To Think About - 5/5/17
    Yachtsman Jimmy Spithill notes that “Rarely have I seen a situation where doing less than the other guy is a good strategy.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/4/17
    After a long period of accommodative Fed policy, interest payments on the debt bomb created over the past eight years increased in March by 30% while the budget deficit increased by more than half a trillion dollars over the previous year.
  • Something To Think About - 5/3/17
    California’s population has increased 70% since 1979, while water storage has not. The Public Policy Institute of California estimates that five proposed reservoirs could add four million acre-feet of storage capacity at a cost of $9 billion, one-tenth what the Governor is spending on his fast train to nowhere. Yet environmentalists have opposed every significant surface storage project for three decades. The state is even razing four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River. Meanwhile, communities and farmers have been forced to drill deeper wells and are pumping more groundwater to compensate for reduced imports from the delta, leading to severe land subsidence.
  • Something To Think About - 5/2/17
    English philanthropist Charles Buxton once observed that “You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”
  • Something To Think About - 5/1/17
    Theoretical physicist Richard Feynman called “Science… belief in the ignorance of experts.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/29/17
    Charles Kettering advised us to “Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/28/17
    Celebrity has been defined as “Someone who works hard to become well know and then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/23/17
    We’re as opposed to smoking as anyone, but surely the Legislature realizes that the recent two dollar tax increase on cigarettes is a tax primarily on the poor as 40% of all smokers are living at or below the poverty level.
  • Something To Think About - 4/22/17
    Fifty-two thousand Americans died of heroin or opioid overdoses in 2015, four times as many as died from gun homicides and half again as many as died in car accidents.
  • Something To Think About - 4/21/17
    American writer, artist and philosopher Elbert Hubbard advised us to “… not take life too seriously -- you will never get out of it alive.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/20/17
  • Something To Think About - 4/19/17
    Its been said that the US is a giant insurance company with an army. With half of all spending going to Social Security projected to be broke in 17 years plus various health programs and 20% goes to the military leaving 30% for everything else.
  • Something To Think About - 4/18/17
    When 85 Syrian civilians were killed in a sarin gas attack, we should have been shocked given Barack Obama’s, John Kerry’s and Susan Rice’s proud assurances that Assad’s chemical weapons had all been destroyed. Then again, they also told us that the Benghazi attack was all due to a YouTube video.
  • Something To Think About - 4/17/17
    Karl Marx wrote: “There is only one way to kill capitalism – by taxes, taxes and more taxes.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/15/17
    According to entrepreneur Sara Blakely, “If somebody can do something 80% as good as you think you would have done it yourself, then you've got to let it go.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/14/17
    Among Donald Trump’s 16 cabinet positions, Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are the only ones with law degrees. Alexander Acosta, tapped by Trump to run the Labor Department, would be the third. That is a sharp drop from the four previous administrations, in which lawyers accounted for about 40% to 70% of cabinet secretaries.
  • Something To Think About - 4/13/17
    Theologian William Ellery Channing once observed that “The office of government is not to confer happiness, but to give men the opportunity to work out happiness for themselves.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/12/17
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt believed that “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/11/17
    “I'm not smart.” claims, financier and presidential adviser Bernard Baruch, “I try to observe.” “Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/8/17
    Aristotle said: “Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/7/17
    “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you.” noted Mark Twain. “That is the principal difference between dog and man.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/6/17
    Chinese philosopher Lao-Tse said: “Expediency is the mere shadow of right and truth; it is the beginning of disorder.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/5/17
    Napoleon said: “It requires more courage to suffer than to die.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/4/17
    Bishop Charles Colton once observed that “…when we fail our pride supports us; when we succeed, it betrays us.”
  • Something To Think About - 4/3/17
    The man who rows the boat, generally does not have time to rock it.
  • Something To Think About - 4/1/17
    According to a Chinese Proverb: “Behind every able man, there are always other able men.”
  • Something To Think About - 3/31/17
    Arnold Bennett once observed that while “It is easier to go down a hill than up, the view is from the top.”
  • Something To Think About - 3/30/17
    Writer James Joyce called “mistakes” “the portals of discovery.”
  • Something To Think About - 3/29/17
    “Of two evils, choose neither,” advised English Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon.
  • Something To Think About - 3/25/17
    Benjamin Disraeli once noted that “Success is the child of audacity.”
  • Something To Think About - 3/24/17
    Your IQ is not nearly so important as your “I CAN” and your “I WILL.”
  • Something To Think About - 3/23/17
    Writer Aldous Huxley claimed that “Several excuses are always less convincing than one.”
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