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Mother Lode Views

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Welcome to Mother Lode Views. This is a weekly, 30 minute program created by the KVML news room discussing 'hot topics' in the Mother Lode. We've got the people that are "in the know" discussing topics that affect all our lives here in the Mother Lode. So listen in and hear it from the horse's mouth! We've also created an archive for you so if you've missed the last couple of editions, just click on the links below.

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  • 05/23/16 Rim Fire Recovery and Drought

    Mother Lode Views focused on the Rim Fire Reforestation in the Stanislaus National Forest. The Draft Record of Decision was recently released and it should be signed by this coming fall. The show also focused on the Forest Service’s response to high tree mortality. Guests included Forest Service representatives Maria Benech and Dave Horak. more

  • 05/16/16 High Tree Mortality

    Mother Lode Views featured the latest information on Tuolumne County’s response to high tree mortality. Guests included Mike Albrecht of Sierra Resource Management and Tracie Riggs of the Tuolumne County Office of Emergency Services. more

  • 05/09/16 McClintock Talks Water, Drought And Firefighting

    District 4 Mother Lode Congressman Tom McClintock discusses the issues important to the region. more

  • 05/01/16 Runner Talks Taxes

    Mother Lode Views featured California Board of Equalization member George Runner. He voiced concerns he has about the state’s tax structure, the minimum wage increase and efforts to reform Proposition 13. more

  • 04/23/16 Crime Trends and New Courthouse

    Mother Lode Views featured Tuolumne County District Attorney Laura Krieg and Presiding Tuolumne County Superior Court Judge Donald Segerstrom. DA Krieg Spoke about recent crime trends in the county, including a recent increase in violent offenses. Judge Segerstrom provided an update on efforts to construct a new Courthouse at the Law and Justice Center property in Sonora. more

  • 04/16/16 Issues Facing Yosemite National Park

    Mother Lode Views focused on Yosemite National Park. Topics included the public outcry related to the renaming of several historic structures, infrastructure projects underway, removing dead and dying trees, preparing for the summer fire season and upcoming celebrations. The guest was Yosemite Ranger and Spokesperson Scott Gediman. more

  • 04/11/16 It’s Roundup Time

    Hear all about the new events and the old favorites coming in this year’s Mother Lode Roundup. more

  • 04/04/16 Bigelow Talks Dead Trees, Fire And Water

    Hear about the latest efforts by the state to fight the drought, bark beetles and fire. more

  • 03/28/16 Economic Development And Innovation

    Mother Lode Views focused on job creation and the local economy. Guests included Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority Director Larry Cope and Curt Clark with the Alliance Small Business Development Center. They also spoke about an upcoming “Innovation Challenge” that will be held next month at the InnovationLab. more

  • 03/19/16 What is HealthLitNow?

    Mother Lode Views focused on an organization that launched from Tuolumne County’s InnovationLab and is working towards improving healthcare literacy, and in turn helping the local economy. Guests included HealthLitNow President Barry Hillman and Vice President Dr. Todd Stolp. more

  • 03/14/16 Preparing For Future Elections

    Mother Lode Views focused on changes in the election process, and gearing up for the June primary. Guests included Tuolumne County Clerk and Auditor Controller Debi Bautista and Tuolumne County Elections Supervisor Robbie Bergstrom. more

  • 03/07/16 Tuolumne Counties Priorities For 2016

    Mother Lode Views featured the new Chairman of the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors. Karl Rodefer talked about the Board’s priorities and goals for 2016. more

  • 02/29/16 Focus On Tree Mortality

    Mother Lode Views focused on Tuolumne County’s actions to remove dead and dying trees that are impacted vital local infrastructure. The Governor has declared a State of Emergency declaration due to the growing problem. Guests included Tuolumne County Office of Emergency Services Coordinator Tracie Riggs and Mike Albrecht of Sierra Resource Management. more

  • 02/22/16 McClintock On Water, Economy And Elections

    Mother Lode Congressman Tom McClintock voices his position on key local and national issues. more

  • 02/13/16 Rim Fire Recovery Efforts

    Mother Lode Views focused on Rim Fire reforestation efforts, two years after the fire. Guests include Stanislaus National Forest Deputy Supervisor Scott Tangenberg and Forest Service Silviculturist Marty Gmelin. more

  • 02/08/16 Mayo Talks Tourism

    Mother Lode Views focused on a recent spike in tourism in the Mother Lode. Lisa Mayo, Executive Director of the Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau, gave the latest statistics, and talked about efforts to attract more guests to the area. more

  • 01/30/16 Miller Talks City of Sonora Issues

    Mother Lode Views features City of Sonora Administrator Tim Miller. He spoke about the planned widening of the Greenley Road and Mono Way intersection, regulating medical marijuana, recent economic activity, the Walmart expansion, Vision Sonora and city projects currently in the planning stages. more

  • 01/25/16 Focus On T.U.D.’s Future

    Mother Lode Views featured the Tuolumne Utilities District’s new General Manager Tom Haglund and District Engineer Erik Johnson. Topics included aging infrastructure, new rates and planning for the future. more

  • 01/18/16 Pedro Provides County Update

    Tuolumne County Administrator Craig Pedro discussed the current plans for a new county jail, efforts underway to remove dead and dying trees in the region, and how the local economy is faring. more

  • 01/11/16 State of Columbia College

    Mother Lode Views featured Columbia College President Dr. Angela Fairchilds. She talked about enrollment trends, upcoming construction projects, and what is on tap for the school in 2016. more

  • 12/21/15 Lessons From The Rim Fire

    This month the Sierra Nevada Conservancy held its meeting in Sonora and went on a tour of the Rim Fire burn scar to see what lessons can be learned. more

  • 12/14/15 Berryhill Addresses State Issues

    District 8 Republican Senator Tom Berryhill spoke about issues like dying trees, increasing crime, gun control and job creation. more

  • 12/07/15 Sheriff Mele Talks About Uptick In Crime

    Mother Lode Views featured a conversation with Tuolumne County Sheriff Jim Mele on the recent increase in crime in the region. The Sheriff also talked about the new Lenco Bearcat Medcat, youth violence in schools and the future county jail. more

  • 11/23/15 Butte Fire Recovery Update

    Mother Lode Views featured the latest information on the Butte Fire recovery efforts with Donna Weise of FEMA, Cliff Edson of the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors and Yolanda Stokes of the federal Small Business Administration. more

  • 11/16/15 Cope Talks About The Economy

    Mother Lode Views featured Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority Director Larry Cope. He spoke about efforts to attract and retain businesses. more

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