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Tori James

Tori James
  • Birthday: April 11, so once in a while, it falls on Easter. The last time it happened, my very creative husband created a personal egg hunt that was more fun than a game show, as I got all the prizes without having to provide any correct answers!
  • Birthplace: A little town near Worchester, Massachusetts
  • Year started at KVML: 2014
  • First radio job: It was at a gem of a Country AM day-timer, WSIG, in Mt. Jackson, Virginia, known as a primary music and news source for the heart of the Shenandoah Valley
  • Interests/Hobbies: Too many to mention! A few of my favorites include music (of all kinds), art, writing and reading; hiking; and traveling; At the top of my list of very favorite activities are getting out into the community; meeting folks and spending quality time with family and friends. Then, there’s wine-food pairing; Pilates; shooting pool and playing ping pong…
  • First job: Despite my inability to sing in tune, I entered the workforce as a singing waitress at a Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor restaurant in Northern Virginia. Needless to say, the experience quickly brought me out of my teen girl shell — and I learned to make a mean double banana split, the house specialty (aka “Pig Trough”)
  • Most memorable career moment: Getting hiccups on the air AND mispronouncing the words “Heifers” and “Sows” during my first Ag Report at my first radio job. It all happened during the same air shift. The phones went wild with local farmers calling in to poke fun and the receptionists was crying with laughter at me. My face still turns beet red as I type this!
  • One thing listeners would be surprised to learn about you: I have a twin brother and my husband has a twin sister (however, they are not married).
  • Favorite getaway spot: Anywhere where there’s beautiful nature around me and an eye-popping sunset
  • Favorite books: Anything written by a great storyteller whether it’s fiction or nonfiction
  • Favorite current TV show: The Voice
  • Favorite all-time TV show: The Carol Burnett Show