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Letters to the Editor

First Weekend Of June Events 05/31/2018

The first weekend of June has many unique events, including the Royal Flush Outhouse Races in Twain Harte. more

A Letter To Rep. McClintock 02/13/2017

A Letter from Larry Jobe of Groveland Rep. McClintock – It’s time for you and the Republican party to represent this great nation and her people, not parrot the agenda of someone who has trouble with honesty and integrity.  A … more

Water Shortage 01/23/2014

Bob Petersen

Why is it that, given the lack of rain, those in charge are talking about all the things that citizens can do to save water ?  I would like an explanation of why all the reservoirs in the area are … more

Recent Blogs

The Challenges Of Economic Development 07/12/2018


I am a private citizen and volunteer board member of Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority and therefore have the perspective of an “insider” regarding core issues that have recently arisen with respect to TCEDA. All of the issues raised by … more

Poison Oak Warning 07/11/2018


The California Poison Control System (CPCS) is reminding residents that with warm weather expected through the fall, poison oak remains a serious threat especially to those who are allergic to the plant. Poison oak (Toxicodendron diversilobum) is found in the … more

Farm Subsidies Make No Sense 06/26/2018


New Zealand is four times more dependent on agriculture than the United States, and it once maintained extensive farm subsidies.  In 1984, it ended them.  What happened?  Farm productivity and earnings rose.  The Federated Farmers of New Zealand fought just … more

10 Summer Fun Things 06/20/2018


Thursday is the summer solstice and the hot weather is here to stay (keep an eye out for triple digits in the 10 day forecast) what is there to do in the Mother Lode? There are great local events including many annual events that are … more