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Mother Lode Residents Cope With The Summer Heat

Sonora, CA — With temperatures climbing above 110 degrees, Mother Lode residents are asking one question, when is it going to end?

Tuolumne General Hospital Spokesperson Ann Stanfield, says so far there have only been a few cases of heat exhaustion due to people simply spending too much time out on the lake or just in the sun.

One resident said she has lived in Sonora for 24 years and doesn´t remember the area reaching these temperatures. Other residents claim the weather has turned everyday little chores into major burdens. “[The weather has been] excruciating, [it´s been] hard to breath, I can´t do dishes, I can´t do laundry, I can barely move!”

A heat advisory is in effect until 9:00 p.m. Fortunately, reports indicate cooler weather is on the way with temperatures estimated to be below 100 degrees next week.

Written by Alisha.cruz