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Local Government Doing Its Part In Conservation

San Andreas, CA — Weather experts say the heat is on its way down, but while its taking its time, local government offices are doing what they can to survive and conserve.

Calaveras County Administrative Officer Tom Mitchell says he sends an email out everyday to department heads asking them to voluntarily turn off lights, close the shades and do what they can to reduce power.

Tuesday the state issued a Stage 1 emergency asking residents to voluntarily conserve.

Mitchell says the county´s thermostats are also set higher than normal. The county´s power usage over the last few years has actually gone down thanks to the installation of energy efficient equipment.

Officials in Angels Camp are working in the dark, well, without lights anyway.

City Clerk Judy King says all but one light is off and the thermostats are turned to 78 degrees. She says those measures were suggested in a directive from the state.

Earlier this month Governor Schwarzenegger directed state agencies to cut electricity use by 25 percent during peak usage hours.

Written by Vanessa Turner.