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Albini Still Critical, Technology Provides Hope

Sonora, CA — With Sonora High School teacher Jim Albini still in critical condition after a propane fire, family and friends cannot imagine the pain the burn victim has endured.

Todd Stolp with the Tuolumne County Health Department says when a person is burned, there is a massive problem with seepage of fluid in the body, which creates a wonderful environment for bacterial infection.

Stolp says while burns are certainly one of the most painful injuries a person can suffer, a third degree burn often develops anesthesia because the burn actually damages the nerves to the point that there is no sensation left.

He says it is the second-degree burns that are most painful. Stolp says there is hope for burn victims like Albini, due to tremendous strides made in artificial skin products that will allow resurfacing of burned areas. New techniques have been invented to control infections, leading to more positive outcomes.

The Albini family has established a web site to update the community on Jim´s condition. Click here

Written by Alisha.cruz