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Minimum Wage Increase Bad For Sonora Small Businesses

Sonora, CA — With a proposed minimum wage increase approved by the Senate and on its way to the Governor, small businesses in the Mother Lode are hoping Schwarzenegger puts a stop to the dollar an hour increase.

PJ´s Deli owner Bob Garbez says his profit is so low right now that it would probably cause him and a lot of other restaurants to close.

With the cost of food and gasoline so high, Garbez says paying more to employ help would not be an option.

On the other hand, JS West Store Manager David May believes raising the minimum wage is a good idea due to cost of living increases in the area.

May also acknowledges that for the small business owner with two or three employees, the increase will have a negative effect.

The Republican governor vetoed two previous minimum wage increases, but now supports the increase without automatic annual inflation adjustments.

Written by Sabrina Sabbagh