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Sonora Power Remains Powerless

Sonora, CA — At the one o´clock hour, power remains powerless in Sonora´s downtown area.

The first power outage occured at 7:35 this morning. An hour later it was restored but only momentarily. Since 8:45 some 960 customers have been in the black with the doors closed at many businesses.

Bertelli´s Drugs on Stockton Rd. is open for business … sort of. Kathy West says when the staff arrived this morning the lights were out and computers were down eliminating any chance of prescriptions being filled. But West adds you can still drop by and your order will be taken the old fashioned way … with pen and paper and it´ll be filled as soon as possible.

The original outage was caused when an oak tree came in contact with a power line at Stockton Rd. and Solinsky. P.G.& E. officials admit that issue is the cause of the continuing outage but so far no estimate of when full power will be restored.

Written by Bill Johnson