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Governor Proposes Boost For Preschool Funding

Sacramento, CA — Governor Schwarzenegger is proposing to boost preschool spending by millions of dollars in next year´s state budget, just ahead of a June vote on universal preschool.

Schwarzenegger has opposed Proposition 82, which would make preschool available to all four-year-olds with a new tax on high-income earners. The governor says he opposes any tax increase.

Instead, he and his education secretary, Alan Bersin, would add $50 million next year to expand the state´s existing preschool program to more kids in needy areas. That amount would climb to an extra $145 million a year in 2008. The state would also give another $50 million to build and repair child care facilities.

Deputy Education Secretary Scott Himmelstein says the timing is not related to the Preschool for All initiative.