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Governor Schwarzenegger Builds His Team

Sacramento, CA — Governor Schwarzenegger´s re-election campaign has hired two media consultants who helped President Bush win a second term.

Alex Castellanos and Fred Davis III were part of a team that created the Bush campaign commercials portraying Democratic nominee John Kerry as a waffling Washington insider. The pair are the latest in a string of former Bush aides hired by Schwarzenegger. His lead strategist is Matthew Dowd, who ran most aspects of Bush´s re-election campaign.

Schwarzenegger has released his first campaign commercial. It touts the state´s rebounding economy and job gains, while highlighting the work he accomplished mostly during his first year in office. Public opinion polls show the governor is likely to face a tight re-election race.

State Controller Steve Westly remains the leading Democrat but only by a single per-centage point in a March poll over State Treasurer Phil Angelides.