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Mother Lode Views To Focus On Grief Counseling

Sonora, CA — A compelling Mother Lode Views is on tap for this weekend.

We´ll be focusing on grief couseling through Sonora´s Dawn´s Light non-profit organization.

Dawn´s Light Founder Nansea Arquette relates her troubled childhood and youth due to her inability to express her grief over the early loss of her father.

Dawn´s Light Direct of Operations Tuttie Pelayo shares the loss of her 21 year old daughter and how it has catapulted her into a career of grief counseling.

One Dawn´s Light client is retired Los Angeles city police officer Jim Slusser. The 11 year veteran policeman relates the story of how his 36 year old son, Jim, Jr., was murdered in cold blood two years ago in El Cajon, CA by the Otai Gang which is linked to the Mexican Mafia.

Mother Lode Views can be heard of AM-1450 KVML Saturday at 10:30am and Sunday at 8:30am. The show can also be heard Sunday at 9am on STAR 92.7 and at 10am on Today´s Country KKBN (93.5FM).

Mother Lode Views is brought to you each week by the Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice of the Sierra.

Written by Bill Johnson