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Milnik Infant Continues To Improve

Stanford, CA — Bryce Daniel Milnik´s condition continues to improve at the Lucille Packard Children´s Hospital at the Stanford Medical Center.

Immediately following the heart transplantation surgery last week doctors, according to the boy´s mother Erin, labeled the transplant surgery as a disaster. Now those same doctors are using the word miraculous to describe the baby´s condition.

Bryce is still in a very critical, life-threatening condition but it has, according to Erin, surprised the doctors that his heart is starting to beat stronger. Doctors are looking at keeping him on the ecmo machine longer than three days because his heart is improving. Also a biopsy from the new heart has demonstrated that there were not any signs of acute rejection which is what the doctors had been assuming was the initial problem.

The latest from Erin Milnik; “The doctors may attempt to ween Bryce off of the ecmo machine later this evening or early tomorrow morning. They are somewhat able to measure his heart function (pumping ability) at this time, but they won´t fully know until they back off on the ecmo circuit and begin to allow his heart to do the work. This is the most critical and crucial transition in the whole process, because it is the ultimate test of whether his heart is strong enough yet to sustain him. They are also still waiting for a second, more detailed biopsy result to come back this afternoon which will give them more insight into whether or not there had been an acute rejection directly after the transplant operation that caused his heart to fail. So at this point, it hasn´t been determined what caused that failure – whether is was some form of rejection, or whether it was something else from the shock of the transplant process. Either way they warn us that this is a huge turning point because the heart could fail or not function well enough on its own, and so they would have to put him back on the ecmo machine which would not be good at all since it can only sustain him for so long. So we are hoping and praying that the heart hasn´t taken a hit or been damaged through the transplant process or from some form of rejection, but rather it simply has needed some time to regain strength from the operation over this last weekend.

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Erin and Danny Milnik´s constant vigil is their deep faith and prayer. They quote Romans 12:12 which states “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer.”

Written by Bill Johnson