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Cogdill Introduces Water Proposal

Sacramento, CA — State Senator Dave Cogdill, along with 14 of his peers, has introduced Senate Bill 59 in Sacramento.

It´s the Reliable Water Supply Bond Act of 2008 as sponsored by Governor Schwarzenegger. The measure proposes improvements to California´s aging and insufficient water system as a continuation to the infrastructure bonds approved by the voters in November.

S.B. 59 would authorize the sale of $3.95 billion in general obligation bonds for, among other items, increasing surface water storage and encouraging water use efficiency throughout the state.

Sponsors of the bill note that it has been more than 25 years since the state constructed its last reservoir. In that same time period, California´s population has grown by 15 million plus.

And a programming note, State Senator Dave Cogdill will be our Mother Lode Views guest next weekend on the Clarke Broadcasting Stations.

Written by Bill Johnson