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Local Republicans Denounce Budget Plan: Governor Will Veto

Sacramento, CA — Republican lawmakers cried foul this afternoon after an $18 billion Democratic plan to address the state deficit was approved in both houses of the legislature.

Several pieces of legislation were approved with just a simple majority, avoiding the two-thirds requirement typically needed to approve tax increases.

?It was unconstitutional,? says 25th District Assemblyman Tom Berryhill. ?We´re going to throw it in court if the Governor signs it.?

Late this afternoon Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he will veto the $18 billion package because it doesn´t do enough to revive California´s spiraling economy and close a projected $42 billion budget shortfall over the next 18 months.

?This shaky proposal amounts to a lump of coal for California taxpayers this holiday season,? says Senate Republican Leader Dave Cogdill. ?This illegal plan is a direct assault on the will of the people who have consistently supported a supermajority vote of the legislature to raise taxes.?

The plan would have made more than $7 billion in cuts to education, health care and prisons, and added about $11 billion in tax increases and fees.

Leading Democrats contend that it is the best plan that´s been put forth to reduce the state´s deficit.

Written by BJ Hansen