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Lawmakers Fail To Make Progress On Reducing State Deficit

Sacramento, Ca — Lawmakers in Sacramento voted down a $17 billion Democratic package of tax hikes and program cuts Tuesday afternoon.

?Governments across the nation are grappling with deficits but only Democrats in the California State Legislature are pushing to raise taxes instead of helping the economy get back on its feet,? says Senate Republican Leader Dave Cogdill. ?This proposal would devastate an economy on the brink of recession.?

The package was voted down primarily on party lines, and would have tripled the state´s vehicle tax and cut spending to education programs and services for the elderly and disabled.

Democratic Assembly leader Karen Bass countered by saying, ?Republicans made it clear that they do not take the state´s fiscal crisis seriously. They continue to deny there is a revenue problem. They continue to deny that difficult cuts have once again been put forward by Democrats.?

Governor Schwarzenegger called the vote a “total failure” of the Legislature, saying Democrats didn´t provide an economic stimulus proposal while chastising Republicans for not presenting their own plan. He said he will ask the new batch of lawmakers to hold another special session once they are sworn in Dec. 1.

Written by BJ Hansen