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Governor’s Office Talks About Last Weeks Global Warming Summit

The Governor´s Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency was Tuesday morning´s KVML Newsmaker of the Day:

“Hi, this is Linda Adams, secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency filling in for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with this week´s California Report.

I have just returned from a historic two-day environmental summit hosted by the Governor and four other U.S. Governors.

The Governors´ Global Climate Summit gathered leaders from around the world to confront global warming on the local and international levels.

Leaders from China and India, Europe, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, U.S. States and more came together to discuss the specific impacts on their economies and environment.

More than 800 people came together with a common goal to put politics aside and partner to fight global warming.

Now as the United Nations continues crafting a successor to the next Kyoto Protocol they will have the information and commitment from our summit as a framework.

California took the lead in creating this broad international alliance to share strategies on how best to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time boosting our economies.

The Governor has always believed there is far more economic opportunity than risk in this drive to save our environment.

He was joined at the summit this week by many world leaders who feel the same way, leaders committed to collaborating and partnering to solve this worldwide problem.

The talks focused on the need to coordinate globally to reduce emissions in sector-specific areas such as energy, transportation and land-use, manufacturing, construction, forestry and agriculture.

This successful conference resulted in governors from the U.S., Indonesia and Brazil signing memorandums of understanding to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation.

Those who signed manage more than 60 percent of the world´s tropical forests.

One of the most exciting moments was a surprise video address by President-Elect Barack Obama who committed to aggressive federal action to combat climate-change.

He praised Governor Schwarzenegger for his leadership in the fight against global warming and said it is time for Washington to follow suit.

It´s true, California is a world leader in this fight and we will not slow down.

This week´s summit highlighted all that is possible, all that we can do statewide, nationwide and worldwide when we have the will to cooperate and a commitment to a healthier planet.

On behalf of Governor Schwarzenegger, this is Linda Adams.

Thank you for listening.”

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Written by Mark Truppner