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Cogdill Would Like To See Federal Government Help California

Sonora, Ca — With California´s budget deficit projected to grow to $28 billion through 2010, Republican Senate Leader Dave Cogdill would like to see Washington, DC send a few dollars back to Sacramento.

?This state is one that actually exports its taxes to the federal government,? says Cogdill. ?For every dollar that we as Californians pay in federal taxes, we get back in the way of services about $0.78. In the overall dollar basis, that´s about $50 billion.?

Cogdill says that California is one of the states that ?subsidizes? others in the U.S. If California could get a fraction of the funding back, Cogdill says it would put the state in a much better fiscal situation.

As for the Governor´s proposal to raise the state´s sales tax, Cogdill says that he is against the idea. Cogdill is in favor of the proposed cuts laid out by Schwarzenegger, excluding those that involve public safety.

Written by BJ Hansen