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Governor Schwarzengger Discusses Last Weeks Electon

Governor Schwarzenegger was KVML´s Tuesday morning Newsmaker. Here are his words:

“Hi, this is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with another California Report.

This was a historic week for our nation and for California.

Voters turned out in record numbers.

Millions of Americans, especially young people who previously felt alienated from the political process and apathetic toward an unresponsive and broken government showed up and cast their vote for change.

Senator Obama was elected the first African-American president in our history.

What a great day for our nation and I am eager to work with our next president on the many tough challenges ahead.

In electing Senator Obama the people sent a resounding message.

They want a new direction.

They want Washington to end the bitter partisanship and begin working together for the people.

Here in California the voters sent the same message to Sacramento that they wanted to change how government performs.

Their yes vote on Proposition 11 will change the way the legislative lines are drawn.

Instead of having legislators do it district boundaries will now be set by an independent bipartisan Citizens Commission.

That will change our elections making them more competitive.

And it will change the legislature making it harder to get re-elected if they don´t perform.

In the last 25 years there have been five attempts to change the redistricting process before we were successful.

I have been fighting for this reform since I took office because it will bring more accountability and less gridlock and partisan bickering to state government.

We had unbelievable support for this measure.

More than 2,500 groups or individuals endorsed Proposition 11 and it is a great victory for the future of our Golden State.

This past Tuesday marked the end of a long but very important campaign.

More than ever people are engaged, involved and paying attention.

So let´s seize this opportunity and show that government can tackle tough challenges with decisive action.

Let´s work together to address the issues that move California forward whether it is the economy, health care infrastructure, water and so on.

It´s time to come together and get things done for the people of California.

Thanks for listening.”

The Newsmaker of the Day can be heard each weekday morning at 6:47, 7:47 and 8:47 on AM-1450 KVML.

Written by Mark Truppner