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Local Senator Proposes Changes To Budget Process

San Andreas, Ca — Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to call lawmakers back on November 5th to tackle the budget deficit.

First District Republican State Senator Dave Cox stated in his weekly Capitol Report, ?The Governor and legislative leaders should also discuss ways to stimulate the economy, create jobs for Californians, and stop passing job-killer legislation that sends our jobs to other states and other countries.?

Cox adds that he would like to see a two year budget system implemented, and the creation of a budget committee comprised of 40 Senators. He is also proposing that there be an overall reduction in committee assignments for Senators, allowing more time for focusing on the budget.

Schwarzenegger´s financial officials are expected to formally announce that the state´s budget deficit has reached at least $10 billion for the current fiscal year. The Associated Press reports that the administration is also expected to forecast that next year´s gap could reach $25 billion.

Written by BJ Hansen