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Schwarzenegger Blasts Legislators’ Budget Proposal

Fresno, CA — Speaking alongside Mayor Alan Autry Wednesday afternoon Governor Schwarzenegger blasted the compromised fiscal budget passed by both the Senate and the Assembly Tuesday.

He stated that he has refused to sign the budget because it contains not a single degree of reform. He maintains it borrows against the future and that is something that California can no longer afford.

Schwarzenegger cited a number of media outlets that harshly criticized the proposed budget. The Fresno Bee has labeled it “a sham based on shaky predictions and gimmicks.” The Sacramento Bee stated, “Nobody could have dreamed up a less responsible more gimmicky sure to backfire state budget than this one.” Finally the Los Angeles Daily News called the proposed budget “a Frankenstein budget … the horror budget.”

Through Wednesday, September 17, California has now gone 79 days without a new fiscal budget.

Written by Bill Johnson