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Budget Stalemate Continues In Sacramento

Sacramento, CA — This Wednesday marks Day 78 that California finds itself without a new fiscal budget.

Senate Republican Leader Dave Cogdill expressed his disappointment in Governor Schwarzenegger´s veto of the comprise budget. Cogdill stated, “The Governor´s action merely continues the long budget impasse. It is a mistake and I will vote to override the Governor´s veto as should every other legislator who approved this budget. California needs leadership to make the structural changes necessary to responsibly address the chronic overspending in Sacramento. The budget is now 78 days overdue (through Tuesday) and Californians who are suffering need a budget sooner rather than later.”

From Assembly Republic Leader Mike Villines of Clovis, “Assembly Republicans share Governor Schwarzenegger´s desire to reform our budget system and understand his frustration in not getting all the budget reforms he wanted. The budget is the product of bipartisan negotiations and significant compromise by both Republicans and Democrats. Neither side got everything they wanted but not getting your way is no reason to veto the state budget. While not perfect the budget compromise funds our state´s priorities without raising taxes on California´s hard working families. It fully funds education, protects public safety and contains no borrowing from transportation or local government. It also includes budget reforms that strengthen the rainy day fund and gives the Governor the authority to make mid-year cuts during a budget emergency. All of those are a good first step.”

Written by Bill Johnson