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Governor Schwarzenegger Will Veto Budget

Sacramento, Ca — Governor Schwarzenegger says he will veto the $145 billion spending plan approved by both the Assembly and Senate early this morning.

?I say enough is enough,? said Schwarzenegger during a press conference late this afternoon. ?Californians have been put through this rollercoaster ride too many times, and this is why when they send me the budget I will veto it. I will not sign a ?get out of town budget´ that punishes tax payers, pushes the problem into next year, and includes fake budget reform.?

Shortly after the announcement, Republican Senate Leader Dave Cogdill chastised the Governor´s decision.

?The Governor´s action today merely continues the long budget impasse,? says Cogdill. ?The budget is now 78 days overdue and Californians who are suffering need a budget sooner rather than later.?

Many Democrats also spoke out against the Governors call to veto the spending plan.

?The budget the legislature passed earlier today had one main purpose ? to stop the real pain that was being caused to California because of the budget delay,? says Assembly Speaker Karen Bass. ?Over the past few months it became clear that California´s chronic budget problems couldn´t be resolved in a single session of the legislature. Not when we have a 2/3 vote requirement to pass a budget and raise revenues.?

Governor Schwarzenegger added that if his veto is overridden by the legislature, he will in turn veto all of the other bills that are currently sitting on his desk.

Written by BJ Hansen