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Governor Advisor Talks To The Motherlode About Budget Reform

A Special Advisor to the Governor, David Crane, was Tuesday morinings KVML newsmaker. Here are his words:

Hi, this is David Crane, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger´s Special Advisor for Jobs and Economic Growth, filling in for the Governor with another California Report.

The Governor has always believed that great opportunities arise from great adversity.

When he came to America in 1968 with nothing but $20 and a gym bag and unable to speak English some people might have said to themselves, ?this is terrible.?

But he said, ?the sky is the limit.? You know the rest of the story but the important point is that he applies this same principle to governing.

When he became Governor, California´s infrastructure was crumbling especially our levees. But no one was interested in solving the problem because levees were not a ?sexy issue.?

Then Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans.

This was a terrible disaster, but he knew it was an opportunity to talk to Californians about the need to improve our levees and infrastructure.

Working with the legislature the Governor convinced the people in 2006 to approve $42 billion worth of infrastructure bonds.

Now we have cranes and bulldozers up and down the state shoring up our levees and rebuilding our roads schools and public transit.

The Governor believes this year´s budget might be the best example of viewing a crisis as an opportunity.

As you know, a late budget is nothing new in the State Capitol. Only four budgets in the last 20 years have been passed on time.

Sacramento has been plagued for years by chronic deficits and chronic overspending.

But rather than borrow or use fancy gimmicks to put off the problem for another day which is business as usual for the legislature, the Governor wants to seize this opportunity.

He is encouraging the legislature to pass a balanced, responsible budget and to reform the system once and for all.

That´s why he has said he will not sign a budget without long-term reform because we need to end this crazy roller-coaster ride Californians face year after year.

The Governor also knows people are losing faith in the state legislature.

The latest Field Poll shows the legislature´s approval rating at 15% a record low.

He understands that people are fed up with extreme ideologies from both Democrats and Republicans.

But he wants to use this as an opportunity to solve the problem.

We need redistricting to increase competition and accountability so legislators serve the people not their party.

John Gardner, the famous government reformer once said, ?We are all faced with a series of great opportunities, brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.?

Like the Governor says, let´s seize this great opportunity and turn a crisis into a golden moment for California.

On behalf of the Governor, this is David Crane. Thank you for listening.

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Written by Mark Truppner