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Republicans Propose Balanced Budget Plan

Sacramento, CA — Saturday Senate Republicans proposed a balanced budget plan that contains no new taxes and does not borrow from local government.

Stated Senate Republican Leader Dave Cogdill, “Senate Republicans today are stepping up to the plate and presenting a budget that is a road map to ending our state´s budget stalemate once and for all. We believe our plan is the responsible way to balance the budget without raising taxes, while protecting education, public safety and health care for the poor. It includes reforms to eliminate the deficit and contains no borrowing.”

Key features of the budget plan funds education next year at the same level proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger and Democratic Senator Don Perata of Oakland ($57.9 billion), contains no borrowing from local government and takes no funds from either Proposition 1A or Proposition 42, restores funding for doctors who provide health care services to the needy under the Medi-Cal program, eliminates a dangerous early release proposal that would have resulted in thousands of felons being set free without being supervised by a parole officer and finally, the proposal includes a strict spending limit and strong “rainy day” reserve to help prevent future deficits from hurting Californians.

From Republican Assembly Leader Mike Villines of Fresno, “Republicans have routinely said that the budget can be balanced without tax increases. The Senate Republican budget proposal proves that we can craft a responsible balanced state budget that doesn´t burden California´s hardworking families with higher taxes and reforms our budget system to prevent future deficits.”

Written by Bill Johnson