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Governor Schwarzenegger Speaks To The Mother Lode On The State Budget

Sacramento, CA — In his weekly address on AM-1450 KVML´s Newsmaker segment, Governor Schwarzengger speaks to Mother Lode residents on the delay of finalizing a new budget.

California is more than a month into the new fiscal year and still we are without a budget. While I am frustrated that the legislature hasn´t reached an agreement, I am very encouraged that all four legislative leaders recognize the need to reform our broken budget system. And as I have said before, I will not sign a budget without substantive and long-term budget reform.

The people elected me to bring sanity and stability to our state´s finances. They wanted Sacramento to end the reckless spending and to finally live within its means.

Since Earl Warren in 1948, governors have been trying to fix the broken budget system, but without success. But this year, with the help of my partners in the Legislature, I am confident that we will succeed.

I´m confident that we will, once and for all, end the boom-and-bust cycle that has plagued California´s budgets for decades. That way, parents won´t have to worry whether their child´s education will be cut. The elderly and the disabled won´t constantly fear their benefits will be slashed. And the people won´t have to endure late budgets and gridlock year in and year out and the consequences that result from it. This year, those consequences are having a direct impact on the lives of many Californians.

Because of the late budget and a declining economy, we face a very serious cash flow crisis. So, on Thursday I signed an executive order to free up money so the state can pay its bills. It freezes hiring and cancels overtime. It will result in pink slips for thousands of part-time state workers. And effective for the August payroll, tens of thousands of full-time employees will be paid the federal minimum wage, until we get a budget and then of course they will be repaid. This is not an action I take lightly.

I know the painful impact on workers and their families. But the state has no budget and as Governor, I have a responsibility to use my executive authority to make ends meet. This is why the legislature, both Republicans and Democrats, must come together, compromise and pass a budget right now.

AM-1450 KVML´s Newsmaker can be heard each weekday morning at 6:47, 7:47 and 8:47.

Written by Bill Johnson