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Local Reaction Swift On Statewide Budget Cuts

Sonora & San Andreas, CA — Local reaction was swift on the budget cuts announced by Governor Schwarzenegger Thursday in Sacramento.

On the 10 percent across-the-board cuts for education, Tuolumne County Schools Superintendent Joe Silva commented that his staff knew the cuts were coming. He added that he will be traveling to Sacramento Tuesday in the hopes of obtaining a clear definition of the mid-year cuts. Silva stated it will be difficult to maintain the quality of many of the county´s programs due to these cuts.

In Calaveras County Sheriff Dennis Downum feels like he´s being hit by a double whammy. Initially there is the 10 percent cutback coming on top of a recent consultant´s evaluation that the department is understaffed when it comes to patrol deputies. Secondly is the Governor´s call for the early release of 22-23,000 prisoners. Even though those individuals will not be murder or sex-crime inmates, Downum realizes that many drug offenders will quickly be out on the streets seeking an illegal way to finance their habit.

Written by Bill Johnson