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Schwarzenegger Pledges $26.5 Million To Fight IHSS Fraud

Sacramento, CA — In the coming months Sacramento will dole out $26.5 million to exactly half of California’s counties (29) in an effort to fight fraud and abuse in the area of In-Home Supportive Services.

Of that $26.5 million Amador County will receive $20,046 immediately. Once plans are in place Tuolumne County will receive $55,218 while Calaveras County will cash a check for $27,901.

After a thorough study by a number of district attorneys, it is estimated that hundreds of millions of dollars are fraudulently expended through the IHSS program each year. Nearly a half a million Californians rely on the state’s IHSS program.

Fraud can take the form or using a person’s social security number to secure payments after they have left the program.

Other IHSS reforms include background checks and fingerprinting for all IHSS providers, fingerprinting for IHSS recipients, targeted mailings to high-risk or suspect providers, enhanced anti-fraud training for county social workers, prohibiting the use of P.O. boxes for provider checks, unannounced home visits and an increased number of state fraud investigators.

The total cost of the $26.5 million package is shared between county, state and federal funds. $4.3 will come from counties, $10 million from the state’s general fund and $12.2 million in federal funds.

Schwarzenegger is estimating that once the plan is in place California will save $130 million annually.

Written by bill.johnson@mlode.com