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California Implements New Energy Standards For Televisions

Sacramento, CA — Televisions sold in California will have to be more energy efficient in the coming years.

The California Energy Commission voted unanimously today to implement new standards beginning in 2011 for televisions up to 58 inches. Approximately three quarters of televisions currently on the market will comply with the 2011 standards. Tougher standards will start in 2013, and around a quarter of the televisions sold today would pass compliance.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is praising the vote. Schwarzenegger says, “It is the real, achievable policies like the first-in-the-nation standards adopted by the Energy Commission today that have made California a world leader in the fight against climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Some manufacturers have come out in opposition saying the standards will reduce consumer choice, and may entice customers to purchase televisions out of state or online.

Written by bjhansen@mlode.com.