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Cox Dislikes Water Package

Sacramento, CA — 1st District Republican State Senator Dave Cox feels the comprehensive water package approved in the legislature too heavily benefits southern California.

“What we essentially saw was north against south, as all of the southern delegates voted for the package and most all of the northern delegates voted against it,” says Cox. “I was concerned about many of the items that were in the package. For example the aspect of conservation, there are some who will be asked to provide a conservation level of five percent and others at 20 percent. It didn’t seem right to me that you can say to Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Ana that there won’t be any conservation in your area, but there will be for everybody else.”

Cox also feels that the package was rushed through the legislature without proper time for lawmakers to go over the specifics. Nearly $2 billion in earmarks were added to the package in the final hours to ensure that it would pass through both houses of the legislature.

“I believe that the bond is like a Christmas tree that had items placed in just to get someone’s vote,” adds Cox. “A hundred million here and a hundred million there.”

Cox has written a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger asking him to veto the package. If it is signed by the Governor, it will go before voters in 2010.

Written by bjhansen@mlode.com.