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Radanovich Calls Out Schwarzenegger On Environmental Regulations

Sacramento, CA – Congressman George Radanovich has written a letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger asking why he is in favor of waiving California environmental restrictions for a new NFL stadium in Los Angeles, but will not ask the White House to exempt the Delta Pumps from the Endangered Species Act.

Radanovich writes, "Today you signed a bill exempting the construction of a new National Football League (NFL) stadium in Los Angeles from California environmental regulations. While I support your efforts to override environmental regulations when it is necessary to do so, I do not understand why you have been unwilling to ask the President to do the same for our farmers. I am concerned that this sends the message that environmental protections are less important than football but more important than 40,000 jobless farmers and farm workers, towns with unemployment rates of 40 percent, rising crime rates and mile long food lines that would be ironic if they weren’t so depressing."

Radanovich claims the "same red tape" is preventing farmers from planting crops this year and will result in a loss of "$2 billion in income."

Written by bjhansen@mlode.com.