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Radanovich Says President Should Drop “Public Option”

Washington, DC — Congressman George Radanovich says President Obama’s speech to the joint session of Congress this week did not sway his opinions on health care reform.

“What concerned me the most is that the public option is something he wants to keep on the table,” says Radanovich. “I think the most disturbing notion of the whole speech is that he seems to think, as well as Speaker Pelosi, that a government run program out there to compete with a private insurance program, will somehow bring down the cost of medicine. There’s nothing further from the truth.”

Radanovich adds, “What I’d like to see is a combination of tort reform and insurance reform where we deal with basic issues like access to health care, access to insurance, and dealing with pre-existing conditions. The government’s role could also perhaps be to fund catastrophic care to keep insurance more affordable to everybody or to provide insurance vouchers to people who simply can’t afford care.”

The President is estimating that his health care proposal will cost approximately $900 billion over a 10 year period, and Democrats hope it will be approved by the end of the year.

Written by bjhansen@mlode.com.