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Mother Lode Views To Focus On California Forward

Sonora, CA — This weekend’s Mother Lode Views will focus on California Forward, a non-profit group dedicated to restructuring the way the state governs itself and conducts business.

Jim Mayer, the executive director of the 15 month old organizations, will comment on the much needed restructuring of government including an overhaul of the ineffective budget process.

Among other items Mayer will also discuss the need for an improved relationship between state and local governments, term limit reform and constituent access and accountability.

Click CALIFORNIA FORWARD for additional information on this non-profit Sacramento based organization.

Mother Lode Views can be heard Saturday morning at 9:30 and Sunday morning at 8:30 on AM-1450 KVML. Mother Lode Views can also be heard on Today’s Country, 93.5 KKBN, at 8am Sunday and an hour later on STAR 92.7.

If you happen to miss one of the four broadcasts, on Tuesday of the following week go to the MULTIMEDIA tab on the myMotherLode.com Home Page and click AUDIO. Then proceed to Mother Lode Views for the 30 minute broadcast.

Written by bill.johnson@mlode.com